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  • Boebert Effect

    Something like the Streisand Effect except even dumber. By threatening Adam Frisch she legitimizes and publicizes his claim. Even with Aspen money he couldn’t possibly buy exposure like that.

  • Theme Options

    Just going to go with the basics here in order to get the template set up for the other sites. Color scheme should be straightforward, typography the same. Only real design decision is menu placement, sidebar(s) and dual-pane layout. Used to get all involved with complementary colors and all that but for this websafe palette…

  • Vote CO3 First Post

    Well, after all the planning and thinking and dreaming it’s time to go live. Have the domain names registered, subdomains set up and ready to roll. Just a matter of hitting it every day, establishing a routine and making this actually happen. First thing is to go ahead and settle on a template. Ideally the…