Vote CO3 First Post

Well, after all the planning and thinking and dreaming it’s time to go live. Have the domain names registered, subdomains set up and ready to roll. Just a matter of hitting it every day, establishing a routine and making this actually happen.

First thing is to go ahead and settle on a template. Ideally the effort will be identical across all TLDs, transparent to the end user and that much easier to maintain. Time to go theme shopping!

A few criteria should get the ball rolling. Everything should be responsive these days but just in case … Also would be nice to be able to edit CSS and JQuery directly even if creating a child theme. Last and perhaps optional would be a dual-pane layout for Post/CounterPost and such.

Well, looks like the “free” theme market has gotten even worse in terms of bait-and-switch. Not going to get comfortable with an interface only to have it want money for some feature I didn’t notice I needed. Just going to stick with core theme for now and use plugins / custom CSS / JQuery to get things done.

Did change over to 2021 and liking the new look, much more tablula rasa. Suppose the basic appearance should be next – color scheme, typography and such. Don’t want to get bogged down in details but once set that part should be good to go plus it can be kind of fun.


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