Vote CO3

This is the base landing page for my contribution to the effort to unseat the incumbent in CO3. The resources available from here represent several disparate yet coherent approaches to achieve this goal. VoteSmart and VoteSane highlight the irrational nature of the incumbent’s platform, SinkWIthTina is a personal pet peeve and MyDiskImage will provide demographics to any and all potential candidates regardless of party affiliation.

Regardless of whether anyone utilizes any parts of this it’s been cathartic setting it up and as long as it’s here might as well flesh it out and see what develops. So far just a couple of graphics which are probably not nearly as amusing as I find them but Sane and Smart will be rewarding even if that’s all I do. The whole TP thing is really just an excuse to vent, plenty of other resources available to track that train wreck. As for MDI, I have no idea what MZ or AF or anyone has in terms of infrastucture, plans or really anything concrete that will stand up to the inevitable onslaught the cash advantage will bring.

If anyone does have a game plan that involves boots or phones and needs access to that database though even if it doesn’t work at least I’ll feel like I contributed something. Maybe Sane and Smart can just be clearing houses for graphics and SWT can languish like the subject matter undoubtedly will. It all starts tomorrow with signing a petition.