WordPress 5.8 – Challenges and Opportunities

Staying current with WordPress updates while maintaining backward compatibility with code versions and formatting conventions is an ongoing and inevitable task. Will my plugins still function properly, fail catastrophically or even worse break just enough not to notice until someone else does? Is there a better interface for me to use (Gutenburg) or some way to improve my layout using the latest greatest HTML5 tags?

Any blog can become moribund and stale if not periodically updated. After working with WordPress for the a well over a decade I’ve become set in my ways and resistant to change. I didn’t want to learn how to use Gutenburg and much prefer hand-coding or at least generated code I can understand over opaque methods. The 5.8 update though is offering lots of options and it does appear that the tech is catching up with the hype, at least as far as semantic HTML5 tags goes.

With this in mind and getting ready to start a content writing business I’m going to devote this blog to working with the new tags and unlocking their potential. The plan is to build out the site with the existing content, 3D and Programming mostly, and put it all together in an attractive and effective manner. Along the way, I should be able to generate enough content to serve as a portfolio once I actually jump in and start soliciting paying clients.

This content was prepared in the classic editor on the Text tab. Switching to visual and the basic formatting tools in the top bar which I’ve rarely if ever used. Sometimes the link button comes in handy but outside of that I can easily and far more dependably just put tags in to bold or whatever and the lists are easier to code by hand for me.

General rule-of-thumb, going to try to keep these posts down to three paragraphs in the interest of granularity. I have the option to switch to the block editor which is going to be Gutenburg, will create the next post with that. I have a lot of content from the last nine months or so, looking forward to organizing it all into blocks and maybe even bring some semblance of order to my tags.

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