CSS, Themes and Customization

Rocking the Ryu Child Theme

By writing some basic CSS rules to adjust the fonts and hide elements I don’t want to display I now have a fairly attractive site. Going back to where Twenty Sixteen let me down trying to tweak it I still want to suppress the anchor on the site title. The simplest way would be to use the pointer-events rule in CSS although ultimately to get the complete functionality I want I’m probably going to end up modifying some PHP.

Using the excellent CSS-Tricks site as a reference, we see we can start with putting an ID on the <body> tag with clarification in a more recent post. If you follow the links you’ll notice that the home page still links to itself so I’m not sure why he’s not suppressing it since he states that it’s good design practice but I’m going to play with it anyway. Since we already have .site-title identified as the culprit, it should be a simple matter to add that rule.

And that is working like a charm. This also suppresses the link on the pages but since I have a Home menu item that is not a big deal. Checking browser compatibility lets me know that my targeted platforms will all be supported though IE < 11 is shaky.