Basic CSS tweaks

I’m liking the 2016 theme and figure I might as well do a little fine tuning on the layout with CSS even if I might change to a different theme later. Actually, I just want to play with the header and menu, centering them and changing the fonts. This is what we have at the moment:


Once again using the excellent W3Schools site, we see that the “text-align” property is what we will be using but where to point it? Of course, you could view the source and figure it out but there is a much easier and more efficient way to determine which style rules are being invoked. The three major browsers all have an “inspect (element)” option available by right-clicking anything on the page:


While I’m not a huge Chrome fan it does have a pretty serious analysis tool built right in without having to install Firebug like you would in Firefox to get the same functionality. Using this we can easily see that the appropriate classes are “site-title” and “site-description” in an enclosing div with class “site-branding”:


Sadly, the custom CSS plugin doesn’t seem to be functioning at all and changes to the child style sheet don’t seem to take either.