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Twenty Sixteen test drive

Time to check out “Twenty Sixteen” and see if I can get past that link on the homepage logo with reasonable effort. Easy enough: search for the theme, install it, activate it:


Sadly, there is no easy editor for custom CSS or JavaScript. Playing with some plugins and most of them are just come-ons for a premium version but Potent Plugins has both a CSS and JS editor available free and completely functional. While there is a large banner at the bottom of the window, these look like they will do the trick:


I’m happy enough with the status of the site appearance for now. Since I don’t really have any specific design criteria right now I can play with the page layout to my heart’s content. How long it will take to get the link functionality the way I want it remains to be seen and I really hope I don’t have to dig into the PHP to make it happen but that’s fodder for the next post.